Dyslexia Therapy


Neuhaus Trained Speech-Language Pathologist

Our individualized treatment approach provides two levels of intervention:

  1. Reading Readiness- develops foundational, prerequisite skills required for reading
  2. Dyslexia Intervention- intended for ages 5 years - adulthood by learning reading, spelling, and handwriting rules of the English language 


Level One Red Flags

  • Difficulty with oral language 
  • "Late talker"
  • Confusion with "before/after, right/left"etc. 
  • Print Aversion
  • Difficulty learning the alphabet, nursery rhymes
  • Misreading or omitting common little words (i.e. the, a, and, but)


Level Two Red Flags

  • Difficulty reading words in isolation
  • Slow, inaccurate, and labored oral reading 
  • Reduced vocabulary growth
  • Lowered reading comprehension
  • Difficulty rapidly recalling names of objects, colors, and letters  

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